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Outside photo of the New Orleans Ronald McDonald House in 2013

House Policies

Ronald McDonald House New Orleans

It is important that each guest knows and abides by the policies so that your stay as well as all other families’ stays will be as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions, please ask our staff.

You will be living in a communal setting. Please be considerate of others in the House in order to keep everyone’s stay as pleasant as possible. Non-Compliance to these policies may result in the loss of RMHC services.

RMHC does not admit anyone with a criminal felony history that may threaten the health, safety, welfare, and ability of other individuals to peacefully enjoy the House (e.g., violent crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, sex offenses, illegal drug activity, burglary and/or theft). For your safety all exterior and interior public areas of the RMHC premises are under video surveillance and recording 24 hours per day.

Guest Room Donation The Ronald McDonald House asks for a donation of $10 per night from each family. The first night’s donation is encouraged at Check In. If you are unable to afford this donation of $10/night please let us know during check in.

Room Keys You will be given a front door key and code and your room key. There is a $10 fee per key, for replacement of lost keys. ($20 total).

Unacceptable Activities The following infractions will result in immediate dismissal from the House:

  • Violence, threatening behavior, and other disruptions to the House.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco or dip inside the House, near the door, or anywhere beside the designated smoking courtyard.
  • Bringing alcoholic beverages, firearms, weapons, or illegal drugs into the House, or illegal activity, or being intoxicated or high on the premises.
  • Bringing pets inside the House or your room.
  • Having food or drink in your room or other prohibited areas of the House.

Forced Leave If a family is asked to leave the House for any reason, they may be given up to 72 hours to retrieve their belongings. RMHC staff will pack the family’s belongings and place in storage for up to 30 days. After 30 days Staff will dispose of the belongings.

Hospital Visitation The Ronald McDonald House provides temporary lodging for families during their child’s illness. If a child isn’t being seen the family will be asked to check out. The family may be welcome to check back in when another referral is submitted and treatment resumes. If you do not have hospital visitation privileges, you are not eligible to stay at Ronald McDonald house.

Room Occupancy Your room must be used every day. If you are going to be gone for more than 1 night, you must check out. You may check back in when you return if we have a room available. Exceptions to this rule will only be made when there are extenuating circumstances. In such a case, you must receive approval from the Executive Director. We only provide 1 room per patient. All guests must sign in and sign out every time they leave the House.

30-Day Rule and Change in Treatments Families may occupy a room at the RMH for 30 consecutive days. After 30 days at the RMH, we must receive a new referral from your social worker or physician. Provided that we receive each new referral in time, you may not be required to check out then check back in.

Visitors Quiet Hours are 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. During quiet hours visitors are not permitted in the House. Families staying at RMH may have visitors between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm and only in the public areas of the House.   Public areas are the ground floor television/game room, 2nd floor kitchen, dining room, and toy rooms, and the 3rd floor television/library areas. Any visitor must present a form of photo identification to be copied.

Infection Control If at any time during your stay, anyone in your party has symptoms of head lice, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cough, skin rash or hepatitis you must notify the front office. You may be asked to check out in order to ensure other families are not exposed to contagious illness.

Food and Drink Food and beverages are allowed only in the kitchen and dining room. No food or drink is allowed in the bedrooms or on the first and third floors of the House. Pantry boxes for nonperishable food items are available. Water is allowed throughout the House.

Housekeeping We ask that all families assist in housekeeping. Your cooperation in doing dishes, emptying the trash, picking up after yourselves and any other help keeping the house clean is necessary and appreciated. Take trash from your guest room to the dumpster located in the drive way.

Weekly Room Maintenance Inspections In order to maintain safety and cleanliness standards we conduct a weekly Maintenance Inspection. We will check sprinkler heads, air conditioners, faucets, electrical outlets, etc. Please do keep us informed of any problems in the meantime. You will need to keep your room tidy enough for us to view all of these areas.

Transportation Ronald McDonald House provides transportation to the families that need it. The transportation log is kept in the front office and guests must sign their names and what times they would like to be picked up and dropped off. There is a morning shuttle at 9:15am as well as a night shuttle between 4pm and 7pm. You must sign up for transportation the night before it is needed. There is no weekend or holiday transportation.

Child Supervision Children must be supervised by an adult family member at all times that they are inside the house and on RMH property. Children are your responsibility and should not be left in care of staff, volunteers, another guest family or a minor.

Home Health Care All home health care procedures are the responsibility of your family and/or health care provider and must be done in the privacy of your family’s bedroom. RMH staff and volunteers are not allowed to assist. Home Health Care providers must check in with the front office. Breast milk and medication should not be stored in the kitchen. A medical room is available for items requiring refrigeration. Deliveries of medical supplies and equipment are the responsibility of your family. Arrangements can be made with the front office if you are unable to sign for the delivery.

Dress code Every guest of the House must wear shoes in all common areas at all times. No bedclothes, housecoats, etc. are acceptable.

Check Out Time You must check out on the day that your child is dismissed from treatment by the medical staff. If your child is dismissed after 1pm, you may check out the following morning.

Check-out Process Please leave your room in good order for the next family who will be using it. Linens may be left on the beds.

Liability Ronald McDonald House is not liable for any personal injury or property loss which occurs during your stay at the house.

Medical Treatment and Emergencies RMHC does not assume the role of health care provider in diagnosing or treating guests nor does the personnel (staff and volunteers) have experience, knowledge, or expertise in providing any emergency treatment that may be necessary. RMHC will call 911 in an emergency situation to care for a guest.

The Ronald McDonald House is a child and family centered environment, therefore inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. RMH reserves the right to ask any family to check out at any time should we consider it necessary. We reserve the right to enter bedrooms for maintenance concerns and general house inspections.

Guests will be required to sign a statement that they have read these House policies and they agree to abide by them, that they understand that failure to abide by House policies may result in their being asked to leave the House, and that they will see to it that all of their family and all guests in their party will also abide by these policies.