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What We Do

Offering strength and hope each day, every day

With the help of the local community, we help ease the financial and emotional burdens families face as they access critical care for their children. We are that home away from home, offering free accommodations, volunteer-provided meals, transportation when needed, a food pantry, and a support system like no other.

Frequent Questions

Have you reopened?

After completing the plans and procedures necessary to ensure we are aligned with all global RMHC COVID-19 requirements, we are now in RMHC Phase 1, and have reopened to a limited number of families at a time. This is accompanied by a robust set of procedures designed to protect families and staff to the greatest extent possible, including heightened cleaning and disinfection protocols, social distancing measures, wellness checks and use of personal protective equipment.

How can businesses help?

Many spring and summer fundraisers benefiting RMHC-SLA were canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 so any monetary or in-kind donations will offset those shortfalls.  When we reopen, we will need organizations or individuals to provide meals that are prepared in a commercial kitchen, for our families. Our volunteer program and use of the House kitchen by our Meals From the Heart volunteers, will remain suspended until Phase 4 of our plan, when normal, pre-COVID operations can resume.