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GiveNOLA Day, an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a one day online giving event.

For 24 hours, everyone can support their favorite local causes by donating to one or more of 700+ participating nonprofit organizations.

Who can make a donation on GiveNOLA Day?
Anyone can make a donation to a nonprofit that has created a profile on GiveNOLA.org! The minimum donation is $10.

How can I make a donation on GiveNOLA Day?
On May 3, starting at 12:00 a.m. and for the next 24 hours, go to the home page and use your credit or debit card to donate to any participating nonprofit. You can search for a nonprofit by name, category, or parish – OR CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO OUR PAGE.

Is there an option for early giving?
Yes! Donors have the ability to make an online donation starting on April 19. To make an early donation between April 19 and May 2, a donor can access GiveNOLA.org and check out as usual. The donor will receive a receipt via email upon submitting their donation. Please note that scheduled gifts will not be eligible for nonprofit Rock-Around-the-Clock prizes.

What is the Lagniappe Fund?
At the end of the event, every nonprofit will receive a proportional share of this fund based upon its percentage of the total dollars raised. The equation to calculate lagniappe dollars is: Amount a nonprofit raises ÷ Amount raised by ALL nonprofits on May 3 = Their Lagniappe Fund percentage

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