About Us

We exist so families can get better together.


We believe when a child is sick, a family is sick.

That’s why, since 1983, we have kept families together with their hospitalized children through our Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Family Room® programs, enabling them to get better together.

In 1983 RMHC-SLA partnered with our local children’s health care providers to keep families together and near the medical care their ill or injured children needs. Through the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we have continued to focus on families’ needs as they face the medical uncertainty and financial stress of caring for their children.

Today, RMHC-SLA serves critically ill children through our Ronald McDonald House on the campus of Children's Hospital New Orleans, our Lafayette Ronald McDonald Family Room at Our Lady of Lourdes Women's & Children's Hospital, and our Happy Wheels Hospitality Carts. Through these programs we help provide housing, meals, transportation, community, and psychosocial support to families with children at local hospitals.


Each night, we keep 25 families close to the care and resources they need our Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room.

Enabling families to stay close to their child and their care team supports the child’s health and well-being while saving families more than $1.54 million in hotel and food costs each year.